Take time for you and set yourself free

Our experiences through life, from early childhood to present day, shape who we are and how we respond to our environment, situations and challenges. All of us, no matter who we are, struggle from time to time, and often develop subconscious unhealthy or destructive coping methods and behaviours to get through. We may learn to believe and accept that we will never change or recover.  Eating Disorders, although it is now known that they have a genetic vulnerability, are often  also a response to trauma or negative situations and can be life threatening if not ultimately resolved. 


Choosing to come and see me will be a positive step forward in itself. Take time for you. Together we will  tackle those long held beliefs that hold you back from recovery, or those learned behaviours that reinforce the same patterns in your life over and over again, damaging your physical or mental health and stopping you from reaching your goal of beating your ED. Using my own lifetime experiences and a number of techniques and therapies that I am qualified in,  I can help you to overcome  fears and phobias that limit your recovery. Mostly, just come and be in a safe, supportive and calm environment to just let yourself breathe, share, heal and end the struggle. 

I specialise in Eating Disorders because I understand what you are going through and aim to help both the sufferer and those caring for loved ones. I do understand how tough it is get real personal support in this area and that one size fits all approaches to recovery do not always work. I explain more about my personal experience with Anorexia/Bulimia in my blog on this site. 

I will spend time with you to really understand your personal situation and desired outcome and then tailor a therapeutic plan that we will agree upon together. 

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I look forward to working with you. 


Transformational Hypnotherapy


 Hypnotherapy can help you to relax and take on board positive suggestions to retrain the subconscious mind and build resilience and strength.

Other non invasive Healing approaches


A range of gentle complementary techniques such as EFT, NLP and mindfulness, used either as part of the Hypnotherapy session or as stand alone therapies, can help you cope with and overcome any feelings of anxiety, stress, grief or any other issues you may be struggling with.

Eating Disorder Support


Drawing upon 16 years of personal experience with a range of Eating Disorders, such as Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Orthorexia, Binge Eating Disorder and  EDNOS sufferers I can help, coach and support both the individual and the carer using Hypnotherapy and other techniques such as NLP and EFT. I can also share information and education for those parents or carers desperate to understand how to help their loved ones