Eating Disorder Recovery and Carer Support

Supporting You


If you are struggling with a restrictive or other type of eating disorder you may already be receiving therapy through the medical services. I am not seeking to replace this, but rather to supplement it by offering you a safe, calm place to be understood and receive holistic peaceful therapies to calm the loud and demanding eating disordered voice in your head; easing some of your fear and anxiety.

No matter what therapy we decide is best for you, you will be in control at all times and I will endeavour to make sure that you feel totally safe.  I can also help you to understand what is happening both physically and mentally. 

You are probably feeling overwhelmed right now, but rest assured that it is possible to beat this terrible illness, no matter how long you have been suffering.

Knowledge and compassion can help you fight. 

Supporting the carer


If you have found my site whilst searching for help for your loved one, I firstly want to reassure you that I associate completely with how you are feeling right now. I know that you are searching for knowledge, information and hope. Searching for someone who really understands, who 'gets it'. 

I have lived through a 16 year journey of watching my darling daughter battle the demons of Anorexia/Bulimia and really do know how alone, exhausted, helpless, guilty and frightened you can become. And how petrified they are.

 I promise to offer you kindness, understanding, unconditional love and support, with no judgement or pressure. This is your time to learn, feel safe and rest. I want to give you an environment for learning, respite and healing.

You can learn more about my story as an eating disorder carer in my blog.

Let me support you.

Anorexia / Bulimia support


I can provide you with emotional support, anxiety/stress relief techniques or simply a safe space to talk to someone who 'gets it'.

I can also provide education and information on topics from the range below :

- What Anorexia / Bulimia are
- Predispositions
- Underlying emotions and beliefs
- Positive coping mechanisms
- Self-image / Body Dysmorphia
- Identifying the person from the illness
- The eating disordered voice
- What happens in the brain and body
- How the body works
- The effects of restriction
- Nutrition as fuel and medicine
- Managing triggers

-  The importance of Compassion

- Myths and misconceptions

- Bulimic episodes / trances

- The effects on family and friends

 - Practicing self nurturing

- Recovery approaches

- Staying safe 

- Co-morbid mental health issues

...and many more.