Client Reviews

"If you want to build a life of true freedom … "

Jan has been a true lifesaver and guardian angel to me as I have struggled to recover from my eating disorder. As someone who has been sick for decades, I have tried multiple therapy approaches and worked with many different coaches, therapists, counsellors,  dietitians and doctors. And while I have had many wonderful helpers there have been few if any quite as empathetic, compassionate, clear-thinking and effective as Jan. She guides you toward high but attainable recovery goals and empowers you with a variety of tools and strategies. Having her in your corner  means never again having to feel alone or hopeless in your struggles. She makes herself readily available to clients, bolstering your sense of safety and security even in the toughest or scariest times. If you want to build a life of true freedom, her services will give you the true, best chance for success. - MS Sept 2019

"I feel safe"

For the first time, after 30 years of Anorexia and many types of treatment, I feel safe.... safe to endure real recovery and to trust the process.  Jan's knowledge, experience and compassion helped me to open myself and finally trust the process. Even though we are miles apart and only meet via Zoom I don't feel alone anymore but feel so much support that I can let go.- ES June 2019

"Honest, caring, practical and Lifesaving"

Jan is a gift to the recovery world. I have struggled for over 2 decades with anorexia and felt hopeless, that I’d never get better. Then by the magic of the universe I found Jan and my life has changed. She has first hand experience from helping her own family member recover and this makes her capable of getting right to the source to help you make change. Her kind and compassionate heart guides her approach and her dedication to seeing others heal is palpable. Jan provides support that is honest, caring, practical, and lifesaving! I can never express in words just how grateful I am to have found this miraculous EarthAngel. - KL Sept 2019

"I finally have a sense of hope"

After being passed from doctor to doctor to no avail, I decided to take a different approach and reached out to Jan. She explained my condition to me in a way that no one has before and helped me see that there is a way forward. I finally have a sense of hope for the first time. - JL Dec 2018

"A light at the end of the tunnel"

As a mother and carer for my chronically anorexic daughter, I was reaching the end of my tether with the every day struggle. Jan understood my frustrations and worries and helped me to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel of this nightmare. I feel more able to cope now and in turn am more able support my daughter. - CS April 2019

"I'm not scared anymore"

The voice in my head was getting louder every day and I was so afraid it would never go away. Jan taught me different techniques and after a period of time I realised the voice had got quieter and I am not afraid of it anymore. -PB May 2018